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Woldring For Mayor – Time for change is now.

I am Harm Woldring and  I am running as an independent candidate for Mayor of New Westminster in the 2018 Municipal Election because I believe the City needs new leadership and governance and people deserve to hear what I’ve discovered.

I ran for City Council four years ago with lots of questions about the City’s finances and about campaign finance contributions. I had some of the answers then and have more now thanks, in no small measure, to information shared with me by many members of our community.

Make no mistake about it, the time for change is now. Allowing things to continue the way they have will only make things worse.

Remember to vote on October 20th. It’s time for you to choose to make things better, to get the change we all need.

New Westminster needs new Leadership!

Want a City that actually hears what you have to say?

Want to be engaged in a meaningful way?

Want to be heard BEFORE the developers and other special interests?

It’s time to start delivering the amenities and services your tax dollars are for.

Make this years election count. End more than 15 years of a one voice, one perspective City Council, defeat TEAM Cote.

Elect strong, truly independent people to lead our City.

On October 20th, end voter apathy and VOTE for a better future.

Are you tired of rising taxes and utility rates?

It’s time to STOP bleeding taxpayers to pay bureaucrats.

Have you deferred your taxes because your income can’t cover them and leave you with enough to live on?

Are utility bills overwhelming your fixed income?

Did you know that in New Westminster:

  • 100% of your TAX DOLLARS go to City Hall salaries and benefits.
  • None of your tax dollars are left for amenities and infrastructure.
  • The City made over $18M in ‘profits’ selling us utilities last year.
  • The Executives have seen their salaries increase by $20K to $35K over the past 5 to 6 years.

Vote on Oct 20th and elect a truly independent Council and Mayor that will fight back and put our citizens first.

Are you tired of a City that pretends to listen?

Are you, like many of us, tired of a City that claims to listen but doesn’t hear?

Tired of attending public engagement sessions where the City and or Developers present a 90% finished plan and ask for your input when its clear the major decisions have already been made?

Tired of traffic and congestion, tired of breathing in the pollution from thousands of cars and trucks that idle their way through our City?

Do you have ideas and contributions you’d like to make but don’t because you’re tired of not being listened to?

On Oct 20th you can change all this by electing a new Council and Mayor that can turn this around. Take your friends  and neighbours to the polls and Vote for a better future.


Better Financial Management is needed.

Better Financial Management is needed at City Hall otherwise taxes will continue to rise while services and infrastructure deteriorate.

Where does the money go? See my blog.

In fact, better management is needed in everything the City does.

How you can help.

You can make a difference.

Take time to vote on October 20 or the advance voting days, October 10, 13, and 17.

Spread the word. Talk to your friends and neighbours and encourage them to vote. Print and display my sign (see footer at bottom).

If you can do more, volunteer and  Join My Helpers or donate to assist my campaign.

Unions should be looking out for workers.

City managers’ salaries have risen $25K-$35K in the last 5-6 years while workers have got little or nothing.

Did you know that New West & District Labor (CUPE) was the single largest source of campaign funding to candidates they endorsed for at least the last two elections?

Even union members find it insulting and wrong for union bureaucrats to tell them how to vote.

Don’t let union bureaucrats and their sponsored candidates continue to run the City.

It’s Time For Change !

  • For Better Leadership
  • For Better Financial Management
  • To Get Your Money’s Worth

Don’t be frustrated and apathetic.
Be active, Vote for change!
And ask other people to vote.

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